Skott Cowgill and Clyde McDowell

Skott Cowgill was born in Florida, studied briefly at the Maryland Institute of Contemporary Arts in Baltimore, then aimed his compass to the West. He now lives and works in San Francisco, California.

Skott works primarily in oil, painting on canvas, and an array of found surfaces. His graffiti projects can be found all over the city of San Francisco and have been celebrated in such events as the 10th Annual Clarion Alley Mural Project Block Party.

Skott’s work has been exhibited nationally, extensively collected, and has been featured in several films. His work has made appearances in the D.I.Y films Mango Kiss, Alley BallThe Mission Movie, and, most recently, the widely circulated documentary film Beautiful Losers which focuses on the careers and work of a collective group of artists who, since the 1990s, began a movement in the art world using D.I.Y aesthetics.

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Clyde McDowell is a Northeast Mississippian folk artist who works primarily in sculpture and mixed media. When it’s cold outside, he stays indoors and makes jewelry. His art – large and small, public and private – is made from vintage barn wood and a wide assortment of found objects such as animal bones, automobile parts, and broken bottles and dishes. McDowell likes to get people, young and old, thinking about art. To expose his community to the art world, he often donates his work to various local fundraisers. In February of 2012, his work will be shown in the “Folk Art and Friendly Folks” exhibit at the Union County Heritage Museum in New Albany, Mississippi.

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