Greetings and welcome to the webpage of Panhandler MagazinePanhandler Magazine is a journal of literature and art published by the University of West Florida’s Department of English.

Panhandler Magazine has featured many emerging and established writers and artists, including Tobias Wolff, George Saunders, Natasha Trethewey, Brooks Haxton, Youngsuk Suh, Jim Grimsley, Kenneth Fields, and C. Dale Young, among others.

Work featured in Panhandler Magazine has been reviewed in Art in America and reprinted in American Writers, among other venues.

The editorial policy of Panhandler Magazine is to present in each issue many of the aesthetic forms that the majority of contemporary magazines do not have the space or the desire to publish. With the goal of bringing many of these genres to a wider audience, Panhandler Magazine publishes substantial folios of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, art, and interviews.

Poetry folios contain 10-20 poems. Fiction folios range from short stories to novel excerpts to novellas. Drama folios consist of either a one-act play or a single act from a larger work. Panhandler Magazine welcomes all forms of nonfiction — memoir, literary nonfiction and traditional journalism — as well as substantial and insightful criticism. Art folios consist of 10-20 pages of visual art and/or scholarship by one or more artists/scholars.

The opinions and speech expressed in Panhandler Magazine and Panhandler Books are solely those of the published authors and artists. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or speech of the University of West Florida, its employees, students, or the editors of Panhandler Magazine and Panhandler Books. The editors of Panhandler Magazine and Panhandler Books are committed to the publication of diverse opinions and challenging work.

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