Bradley Armstrong

Published in Panhandler Issue 2

Bradley Armstrong lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife and daughter. He received his BA from Sarah Lawrence College and his MFA from Syracuse University, where he was a Creative Writing Fellow. He was born the year that Kiss released their first album and the Ramones formed. He earns his bread with a hammer and a paintbrush. He has a band called 13ghosts, after that great book of ghost stories by Kathryn Windham Tucker. He is also one of the founders of Low Fidelity Press ( He cowers in fear of any corporation that employs more than 20 people; he hasn’t patronized McDonalds in ten years, for instance, but for some reason he still wholeheartedly uses and endorses the Phillip Morris line of products in alarming quantities.

In order to keep the poems’ line spacing accurate, we have provided a link to Bradley Armstrong’s folio as it originally appeared in Panhandler Issue 2.

Read Bradley Armstrong’s Poetry