Sto Len

Sto Len is a printmaker, painter, installation, sound and performance artist with interests in site-specific improvisation and experimentation within a variety of media.

Panhandler Books Opens for Submissions

Beginning February 1, 2019, Panhandler Books welcomes submissions (via Submittable) of previously unpublished, book-length collections of poetry, fiction (both short fiction and novels), and nonfiction (all forms). The open submission period will run from February 1 – April 30.

Sonja Ahlers

Sonja Ahlers is a visual artist and poet from Victoria, British Columbia. An autodidact without formal training, she makes use of and has expanded upon the notion of the artist’s book as a way to challenge the often-closed system of the art gallery.

Heath Schultz

Heath Schultz is a research-based artist and writer. His work addresses questions of institutional critique, activism, contemporary politics, and the political efficacy of art.

Lisa Roney

Lisa Roney is the author of the memoir Sweet Invisible Body, the poetry chapbook The Best Possible Bad Luck, and the craft book Serious Daring: Creative Writing in Four Genres.

S Mark Gubb

S Mark Gubb (b.1974) lives and works in Cardiff, Wales (UK). Born and raised near Margate, Kent, he works across a range of media incorporating sculpture, video, sound, installation and performance.

This Luminous

The editors of Panhandler Books are pleased to announce that Allan Peterson’s New and Selected poems, This Luminous, will be published by Panhandler Books in early 2019.  Please visit the Panhandler Books

Jessica Bizer

Jessica Bizer is a painter and installation artist. Her work investigates the complex energy of the contemporary landscape,  a space dominated by digital expression. She explores the deviating, often contradicting, narratives

Hour House

Hour House is the duo Mark Leacy and Sam Kenna, previously of the long running improvised sextet Castings. In Hour House, the two explore the possibilities of how analog and

Charlotte Pence

Charlotte Pence’s first book of poems, Many Small Fires (Black Lawrence Press, 2015), won Foreword Reviews’ INDIEFAB Book of the Year Award (silver medalist) and was a finalist for the

The Typewriter Project

Stephanie Berger is a poet, installation & performance artist, theater producer, and entrepreneur. She is the CEO of The Poetry Society of New York and co-creator of The Poetry Brothel, The New

Michael Martone

Michael Martone’s most recent books are Winesburg, Indiana, Four for a Quarter, Not Normal, Illinois: Peculiar Fiction from the Flyover, Racing in Place: Collages, Fragments, Postcards, Ruins, a collection of

Kelie Bowman

Kelie Bowman (born 1979, Dunedin, FL) is an American painter and printmaker who has been exhibiting her work nationally and internationally over the past two decades. She received her BFA

Jayne Holsinger

Jayne Holsinger is a New York-based artist known for her painted compositions characterized by their Midwest American content. Her work explores landscape and memory both spatial and personal. Painting series