Maximo Point Park, Pinellas County, FL 2010

Prehistoric shells embedded in palm tree roots. Cabeza de Vaca landed nearby. Photograph printed on voile, 60 x 60” fabric panel


“By the twenty second of September we had eaten all but one of the horses.’’

To Spaniard Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, part of a 1527 expedition, Florida was the land “to which we had been brought by our sins, an awful country, so strange and so bad…’’

The locals were adapted to Florida; the arrivals, anything but. Ship-killing hurricanes, trees split top to bottom by lightning, mosquitoes—all was affliction.

Of 600 men, four lived. When Cabeza de Vaca wrote his account for Charles V he explained: “This is the only thing that a man who returned naked could bring back.”

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