Tabitha Nikolai

Tabitha NikolaiTabitha Nikolai is a visual artist, writer, and curator based in Portland, Oregon. She is the gallery coordinator for Portland State University, as well as the co-founder of Compliance Division, and Surplus Space, independent project spaces in Portland. She has an MFA in Visual Studies from the Pacific Northwest College of Art where she also teaches in the Media Arts department. Her work is concerned with the implications and intersections of digital technologies, capitalism, fantasy, the occult, and net-based subcultures. She holds a BFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Utah, where she also acted as Dungeon Master. 


Ray Trace is an ongoing intermedia body of work begun while on residency at the Center for Land Use Interpretation in Wendover, Utah. It seeks futurity in an unexpected place, and investigates the ways in which information technology attempts to reach beyond traditional landscapes but invariably inscribes itself upon them. Ray Trace is video, text and image, and spellwork. More can be known about it at

Dynamic Horizons Ltd: Deliverables

An installation of various authentic and imitation goods including: fake iPads, fake TV burglar deterrent lamp, fake surveillance camera, plastic prop ice cubes, 8bit foam pistol, fake ficus, real spathiphyllum plant, real Fiji brand water, Invisalign dental appliance, Ikea furnishings, fluorescent light, Voss brand water bottle filled with powdered aluminum, and a desktop fountain filled with Vita Coco brand coconut water. (Photos courtesy of Bertrand Morin.)


(This transmission contains the 5 oblations:

Low cost contemporary Swedish furnishings, a still living plant, branded commodity readymade, esoteric science/occult text, screen grabs.

Full respect intended, all obeisances made.)

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. But how can we recognize magic when we see it? The same way we recognize anything else: by its affects.

Technology has formulas. Art has formulas. At the fringes they all become occult.

The corporation is a compound entity comprised of the various hungers and lusts of its stakeholders. It is a chimera of capital optimized for commerce. To maintain its edge the corporation must exploit the obscure, the long tail.

AT&T, A∴A∴, ABC, O.T.O., OOO.

We know the corporation by their brand. Their logo the sigil by which we invoke them.

The Free Market and Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of The Law

We cannot compete. Our hand is forced. We must ourselves become chimeras, corporate composites.