Roxanne Yamins

Roxanne YaminsBorn in NY, NY Roxanne Yamins is an artist interested in exploring the intersection between behavior in everyday life and the objects produced by society considered necessity for living. Recent works investigate the role of machines and apparatus made for the sharing of experience and reciprocal conduct. Roxanne Yamins received her undergraduate education from The Cooper Union and completed her BFA at Cornell University in 2012. She is currently earning her MFA in sculpture at Virginia Commonwealth.

Artist’s Statement

Of critical concern for me is the issue of seeing behavior. Can one see behavior without having to witness an event? It is essential to have an object which visually brings to fruition such potential in a living, vibrating condition. What are the mental machinations that occur when seeing a super machined up thing? What is the relationship between seeing and expectation?

The duality of seeing opposing conditions – of seeing something work and not work at the same time is powerful because it exists at two ends of a behavioral scale.

A range or scale is important because it is transition. Transition also exists in interstitial, or in between places, and in between different intentions. It is the consequence of everything from maintenance needs to transitory behaviors between people. In between objects and behaviors are universal and ubiquitous but people seldom pause to consciously and deliberately engage them. The journey across transition is significant because it is shared ritual in everyday life. Transitional space/experience is important because of its volatile and active nature or because it allows for a possession that is internal. It also represents a degree of lawlessness, ambiguity, and freedom – allowing for the making of something new and personal. This often leads to play, the possession of experience, and autonomous, novel behavior. My hope is to make work that allows for such machinations in viewers.

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