Taylor Crawley

Published in Panhandler Issue 5

Taylor Crawley received her BFA in printmaking along with a BA in art history from the University of West Florida. She graduated with her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in May 2010, where she was awarded the graduate fellowship in printmaking. Her work draws from significant yet disparate moments from pasts, both personal and distant, which synthesize into a narrative that exists on a plane between reality and fiction; these fragmented stories silently materialize as objects with a strong connection to music. Several of her fictional LPs were recently featured in the New American Paintings 2010 MFA Annual. She is assistant to Jason Jagel and resides in San Francisco. More of her work can be viewed at taylorcrawley.com.

Artist’s Statement

This group of paintings is derived from a collection of lists and sketches made on sticky notes and folders, within the margins of notebook paper and sheet music at times I probably should have been paying attention in class. As this information gradually accumulates, it becomes more and more difficult to find a place for this tangential mess of thoughts that I just can’t seem to part with. Certain things I see and hear resonate with me in such a way that I feel a duty to immortalize them, even if it is as simple as transforming them into fictional bands in an imaginary record collection.